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Kylie West

Kylie West

Group General Manager

Phone 02) 9523 4333

Mobile 0408 895 266

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A partner of the group with over fifteen years of office experience, Kylie West is an extremely organised operator. Methodical in her approach to managing the administrational side of the business, Kylie's attention to detail ensures the services Highland Property Agents provides are delivered seamlessly. Working in the property industry for many years, Kylie has gained experience in a diverse range of roles that have each been complimented by her Diploma of Business. Driven by her commitment to excellence in everything she does, Kylie has an excellent track record for exceeding expectations. Always ready to take on new challenges, Kylie has worked for major property development companies, has been involved in coordinating and liaising with project marketing companies, assisting in the project feasibility process, not to mention gaining hands on experience in property management. With strengths in accounting and communications Kylie is extremely enthusiastic and focused, and is an integral member of the Highland Property team.

Highland Property Agents focus on delivering a refreshing and unique approach to real estate to achieve the best possible results for our clients. It takes a local to understand a local.