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Calem Lai

Company Trust Accounting

Calem is as experienced as they come when it comes to property financials and accounting. She offers invaluable knowledge of the intricacies of property accounting, ensuring that every transaction is correct, smooth and seamless for everyone involved.

With an extensive career history that encompasses sales, property management, marketing management and sales accounting, Calem has discovered her passion within her latest role as our Highland Company Trust Accountant. She offers the meticulous attention to detail that her position requires and takes an analytical yet personal approach to accounting. Most importantly of all, Caleb is kind, reliable and trustworthy, and is an Eastern Suburbs local herself.

  • 30 years of financial experience in the real estate industry
  • Unrivalled and collective industry experience across all disciplines
  • A seamless approach to ensure each transaction is completed correctly
  • Attention to detail and adaptable expertise so settlements run smoothly
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