Our People

Cassandra Pulver

Corporate Receptionist

With her caring, kind and approachable nature, Cassandra always makes a great impression on every client, assisting them from the moment they walk in our door or call our office.

Having worked in hospitality and retail for several years, Cassandra appreciates the importance of her role in providing a positive customer experience each and every time, most of which starts with her. Cassandra has developed a strong passion and skill for delivering excellent service and her flair for organisation and impeccable assistance makes her a real asset at Highland. With an uncanny ability for multi-tasking and a calm under pressure approach, Cassandra strives to always be learning new things to further her career.

  • Makes every client feel welcome whenever they enter our office or call.
  • Provides exceptional support for the team.
  • Her experience allows her to answer all general questions.
  • Knows how to find a solution or the right person to assist anyone
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