Meet One Of Our Own - Mathew Cassidy

Posted on June 15, 2018, 12:16 p.m.

Meet One Of Our Own - Mathew Cassidy

What was the interest at making your career in Real Estate?

For me it was all about property development and master planning from the start. I love being a part of something that changes an area for the better for a long time. The travel component was also something that interested me as well. I’ve been very fortunate in my career to have worked through a lot of south east Asia and Australia. The further you travel and meet development companies the more you learn about how different cultures and developers view similar locations. There is honestly no point in this industry where you can sit back and think you have learned everything, there’s always someone thinking differently, better, faster or with more clarity. It keeps you striving to be better than you were the day before.

Why do you think Highland Property Agents is a good agency to work for?

I met David just over 2 years ago when I flew down to meet him at the recommendation of a couple of mutual business acquaintances. Within 1.5hrs i’d accepted a role and moved here within a week. The number one reason I accepted the role is intangible. Highland Property, at its best, is more a living organism than a business. There’s an air of closeness, of shared goals and belonging in the team that is hard to describe. If you are ever in either office when they are full and really humming you’ll understand what I mean. There is no competition between anyone, just a oneness of purpose - To me that means to be the most informed, trustworthy and experienced person in the industry. To continue to strive to understand more, learn more and be more than I was the day before. The second reason is the depth of knowledge and back of house support. The company has resources at hand that many multi nationals fail to consider in their company structure.

Tell us a snapshot about your role?

My week typically comprises of selling development sites, meeting owners of buildings that want to sell to developers, listing off the plan developments and advising developers on best use and outcome of sites. I am lucky to have an amazing PA in Toni Vassilich who keeps my business streamlined and me healthy. Besides her, I also have the best team in the industry around me. There’s too many to name but they will know who they are.

What’s your favourite holiday destination and why?

My real favourite is remote outer islands in Indonesia. No phones, perfect waves and great people. It’s unrealistic to go there the past 5 years though due to work so now it’s the north shore of Oahu. perfect waves, still has phones and a realistic time zone to do a quick 1 hours work a day.

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