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Buying a home will be one of the biggest milestones of your life. Whether you are a first time buyer, purchasing your next home or investing, ensuring your home fits in with your budget and lifestyle will involve some careful planning. With a bit of research, and a clearly defined idea in mind for what your needs and how much you can commit to our team of property specialists can help you find your perfect new home. To support you in your journey to property ownership we have a few suggestions to make the process easier.

Know your price range

Before you start your real estate search we strongly advise you to seek professional advice on the property price range you will be able to comfortably afford. If you are planning on taking out a home loan, speak to a mortgage specialist to help you work out your borrowing capacity and find a loan which will best suit your needs with the most competitive interest rate. Having a loan pre-approval in place before making offers on properties is strongly recommended to avoid delays once you find your perfect home. Our in-house team of mortgage specialists at Highland Financial Services can provide you with free guidance on your borrowing capacity and loan requirements.

Pick your area

Put together a shortlist of areas which match your price range and lifestyle requirements. Proximity to schools, access to main roads, travel time from work and distance to your nearest shopping precinct are some of the common features buyers often look for.

Stay informed

Once you are ready to start your search your local Highland Property Agents area specialist will be able to provide you with research on your desired areas, market insights and notify you when properties which meet your search criteria come onto the market. Our agents are a wealth of knowledge and will be happy to assist you with finding your ideal home.

Know the market

Learn as much as you can about the current market value of properties in your preferred area. Speak to your local Highland Property Agents area specialist and keep an eye on sold properties on, and The Sydney Morning Herald price guide. Talk to a number of different estate agents and attend auctions to not only confirm a price range for your home, but to also learn more on how the buying and selling process works. By compare the asking price of homes currently listed for sale to the prices for houses you are interested in you will quickly be able to assess the different pricing points in the local market.

Find the right people

Take time to research the service offering and related costs of real estate agents, solicitors, conveyancers, mortgage brokers and lenders, and shop around until you find professionals that you are completely comfortable with.

Check for problems

For peace of mind, arrange a building and pest inspection before you finalise your property purchase. The inspection report will provide you with an expert opinion on the properties condition and will uncover any flaws from major structural damage to minor cosmetic flaws and will highlight any issues before you invest in the property.

Understand the legal jargon

Carefully consider the legal implications involved in buying a home when it comes to signing contracts and loan agreements. Take your time to read everything carefully before you sign and make sure you fully understand all legal terms.Remember not to rush – you want to make sure you choose the right property for your needs. By doing your homework you can rest assured that you've done everything you can to find your perfect property at the right price.
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