Meet One of Our Own, Nick Eder

Posted on June 15, 2018, 11:54 a.m.

Meet One of Our Own, Nick Eder

Why did you choose to get into Real Estate?
Before getting into Real Estate I was working in the city in the recruitment industry, and although it was role that involved talking to a lot of people, I actually never got to meet them. Meeting different people every day and helping them discover their dreams was the major factor for me in making the move to Real Estate. Also every day is never the same and it’s that variety that keeps it interesting.

What's a stand out factor about Highland Property Agents that you like?
The stand out factor for me about Highland Property Agents that sets us apart, is that we are team first and individuals second. We are one large family that sticks together in our successes and failures. The culture of family.

What's happening in the residential market that you can share with the community?
The residential sales market is firing, we have seen increased numbers of new buyers attend our inspections and owners are confident that now is the time to sell and make the move. We are expecting 2017 to be another big year.

What’s an ideal weekend for you?
An ideal weekend for me is easy to explain. It includes my wife and baby daughter and can be as simple as going for breakfast and having a swim in the morning or jumping in the car and heading away down the coast. As long as I have them with me the rest of the weekend falls into place.

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